The Cause

Over the years, we experienced some fantastic adventures and challenges, but discovered we gained the most from the local service projects in which we were lucky enough to participate.

The value of these projects extend far beyond the specific solar panel projects in which we are involved. As such, we seek out projects that benefit not only ourselves and the home or school, but also the community. In the 2016 American Spirit Challenge, we have partnered with Grid Alternatives and the Bear River Band community of Loleta, California 9 (along the Pacific Coast at the northern end of the state). Grid Alternative’s mission is not only to make renewable energy accessible to under-served communities, but job training opportunities as well.

As a result of our partnership, six homes in the town Loleta will have solar power. And that’s just the beginning. Not only will we have the good fortune to participate in the installation of solar power for these homes, but also will be helping to establish a foundation from which folks can continue to develop and install solar power in the area for years to come.

We are striving toward the goal of raising $50,000 for this great cause. The fundraising site is:

Grid Alternative Fundraiser

We greatly appreciate you participating with us in this challenge. Thank you!